What is Emotional Intelligence

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An explosion of research supports the assertion that the critical factor in career success is not IQ, butrather EQ, otherwise known as Emotional Intelligence.

While high IQ can be a blessing, it can also be a curse if coupled with an inability to connect with others and turn one's ideas into action.

Unlike IQ (which is a fixed capacity - we either use it, or we don't, but it can't be increased), whatever your current EQ, with intention and guidance, you can improve.

This Knowledge Pill will clarify the concept of Emotional Intelligence, and provide you with practical and simple tips for self development.

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I’ve taken other courses on starting and running a business, but this is honestly the only class in all my education that has ever addressed the topic of emotional intelligence. I appreciate the focus on this part of business leadership, as it’s absolutely crucial to managing employees effectively and creating a helping environment of goodwill. It’s important to develop ideas into action when it comes to business (or anything else in life) and the EQ class teaches self-development as well as dealing with others in an effective manner. I learned so much from this class, and it really helped the way I speak with others. Business acumen doesn’t rely solely on intelligence alone, and the difference between those in touch with their EQ and those that aren’t is a great enterprise where people love to work. I’m really glad I participated in this learning course; it was really eye-opening.