What We Do

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The KnowledgePills are initially created as corporate education material to be included in company learn management systems with the related corporate design. Each content is designed to be read and understood within 15 minutes or less, including a glossary for unique term interpretations and a quiz to ensure the knowledge transfer. The SCORM compatibility of the KP titles allows the usual staff training reports.

To make them available for smaller companies, we created the public edition. The titles are now designed as public Knowledge Pills and available by several online education services like OpenSesame or Rent-A-Webcourse. This Edition may also be added to the corporate or business school learn management system. Some features are not available, e.g. quiz result printout.

To offer the courses for personal access online, we made agreements with online e-Learning providers and business schools to host our courses as resellers.

As latest edition we created Kindle e-Books for personal offline usage, now available at Amazon.

Contact us if you need any detailed information about your possibilities to implement Knowledge Pills for regular staff training.

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