Delegating Techniques

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The greatest key to professional success is the ability to effectively delegate. There are three kinds of delegation:

  • up delegation,
  • cross delegation and
  • down delegation.

All three are necessary for true business success, but most people only 'down' delegate, or, in other words, delegate to those whom they supervise. This means that most people are doing far more work than they need to do.

This module will do a short examination of the techniques used by master delegators.

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As a business manager, delegating is supposed to be something I’m good at but I’m really not, to be honest. I try to take on too much and end up really stressed because I don’t want to burden my employees with extra work on top of what they’re already tasked with, but this course taught me some great strategies to help me break out of my shell and actually start delegating duties. The biggest problem I had was how to initiate the process without coming across as a bad boss to my employees, but these tips are so simple and effective I don't know why I wasn't using them sooner! I can now delegate tasks up, down and across all levels with ease, and feel more comfortable with it as the days go by. This course comes highly recommended to anyone who needs a little extra help in getting started with the delegation process.