Managing your e-mails efficiently

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Email is now the primary source of communications and information sharing in the workplace; it is vital to be efficient and organized with all email correspondence.

Email will consume your workday if you let it. The compelling feeling that you have to stop your current action and read the incoming email at the very moment it is received can translate into a huge time-waster.

Email needs to be one of your priorities, with its management scheduled along with other tasks you need to complete each day.

We will learn, in this module, how to develop an email system and habits that will keep you on top of email without neglecting other important tasks.

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My business has really seen a boom in the last four months which means more contacts, more employees and more emails. Since I'm the primary contact for almost all electronic correspondence, keeping on top of everything that needs to be handled sometimes makes me feel overwhelmed. Before this course I was leaving work each day with probably 15% of my emails unanswered, which became a constant source of stress as I felt I wasn't running the business in the best way possible. Now I've got effective tools and strategies to deal with my overflowing inbox in a way that's completely manageable to me without adding extra burden to my workload. I was trying to answer everything right away so I didn't leave clients hanging, but now I know that wasn't the best way to do business. I've been educated thanks to this course, which really opened my eyes to a better way of doing things.