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Doing Business in Spain

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A few symbolic sites, a number of historic figures, and major artists do not alone explain the Spanish soul.

But they do provide some clues to understanding how the country has changed over the past 30 years, from dictatorship to democracy, and later under the impulse of its integration in Europe.

The energy of Spain and the Spaniards, which we illustrate with a number of examples, and the description of certain attitudes and behaviors at the workplace, will round up this Knowledge Pill:

These are the basics you must understand to do business in Spain.

Advanced Networking Techniques

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We've all heard that networking is the most effective way to generate new business, stay in touch with colleagues and new developments, polish your company's image and even find a new job.

But networking can seem as mysterious as the other side of the moon for many people. Most networking classes don't help much, as they go over the same old techniques that we've all heard a million times.

How do the expert networkers really do it? How do some people seem to know (and be known by) everyone, while most folks only know their office mates and neighbours?

Developing Intercultural Communication Competence

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In today's global world and multicultural workplaces, many of us communicate regularly with people who are culturally different from us.

Making ourselves understood and understanding people whose culture is not familiar to us often requires extra effort.

Communicating across cultural differences can be an exciting challenge that promotes learning about ourselves as much or more than about the culturally different other person or group.

Self Confidence, Self Esteem & Assertiveness

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By the time you have finished reading this module, you will have discovered some extremely powerful methods to developing an unshakeable selfconfidence within you.

This module will focus upon building the foundation of Self Confidence, enabling you to take a conscious control of the way you Think, Feel & Act in different corporate and personal settings such as in and during your jobs, meetings, seminars or any stressful situations, and as a positive side effect of above all

- your own personal life.

Second Language - Basics for Beginners and Beyond

It has never been more important or easier to learn a second language (L2)—or a third or a fourth. Globalization has linked people and economies together as never before, making the ability to communicate in different languages and settings both a key to success in business and vital to global citizenship. Command of another language is a highly marketable skill that will open the door to a wide range of professional opportunities.