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Learning from mistakes

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Touching a hot stove, ignoring a Wet Paint sign, replying to an e-mail offering to share millions of dollars, or believing a slick used car salesman has your best interests at heart - all of these are mistakes; maybe painful or expensive mistakes, but mistakes that one can learn from.

Everyone makes mistakes.

We just have to view them as a learning experience and take away what we can from the occurrence.

This module will cover the types of mistakes people make, some famous examples, how to recover from a mistake, lessons learned, and more.

Managing in a Crisis

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Companies are being faced with greater challenges today than ever before.

Business is moving at a much faster rate. Government regulation has dramatically increased, as has enforcement of government regulations.

Under various new laws behavior that might, previously, have been legal, if not wise, has been criminalized.

Companies, as always, are subject to natural disasters. And, of course, the media loves to write stories which demonize companies or company officials.

When a company's future is affected by one of these events, the company is in crisis.

Evaluating your staff

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Staff evaluations are an essential part of any manager's or supervisor's job.

Unfortunately, many managers procrastinate on this vital duty because, while essential, it can tend to be one of the more unpleasant tasks that managers face.

Usually this is because managers do not have a good understanding of the real purpose of evaluations, nor of positive and motivating ways to use staff evaluations.

This module will explore issues in the evaluation process.

They are:

Motivating your staff

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The key to business success is having a motivated staff. The leaders in the organization must create an environment in which people work cooperatively with each other, tackle business challenges energetically, and achieve desired business outcomes.

Because of the human factor, motivation is both an art and a science.
There are detailed psychological theories and models about motivation.
There are also practical techniques that ordinary people can use to motivate others.