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Telling people what to do not how to do it

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A great idea for getting a task completed in the best manner possible is to tell the employee the results that you want and get out of their way.

If you have hired good employees, and empowered them to get the job done, then let them have their head.

Don't squelch them, their ideas, or their initiative.

Many times they will have better ideas about how to accomplish a task than you would have.

Their way might not have been how you would have done it, but so what?

Leading and Managing Across the Generations

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Since the dawn of humanity the older generations have complained about the young whippersnappers and their disrespectful, narcissistic and slothful habits.

Today is no different.

This Knowledge Pill will cover the most common questions we hear in consulting to companies.
They are:
How can we define the generations (and what are the defining characteristics of each)?
What are the challenges arising from the younger generations in the workplace?
How can the older generations effectively manage the younger generations?