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Why Knowledge Pills
As a society we spend 4-5 hours a day with cell-phones, PDA’s, Blackberry’s, IPods and the internet. In order to compete with students whose attention span is used to instant information & interaction, we recognized that formal training needed to become shorter and digestible – and informal!

Looking at the content available to us via a google search, we took time to analyze some further trends in the educational space. This is what we found:
Currently most online training is too long.
Online training is usually available only in English.
Wikis have a lot of information on popular culture but qualifying that data to be used within a typical business scenario is difficult, without some knowledge on the subject
When looking for courses it is not easy to know what the content of a course is really like. At best, you only get to see a course extract. Searching for courses online, often only provides an abstract before purchase. Will it meet your needs
Courses are not dynamic – once written most courses are never maintained.
Online courses cost too much.
Interactivity in training, can often take a childish approach, and focus too much on ‘flashy’ designs and not enable you to truly focus on the content
Typically off the shelf courses cannot be customized with your companies corporate branding
Typically off the shelf content cannot be customized to meet your specific business needs.
Course Feedback for off the shelf courses are not taken into consideration.
Courses are designed for specialists and not for curious-minded people who want to understand core principles.
Courses are often written by "anonymous" authors.

We like to be different
Courses are short in duration, synthetic, available in a few days, and cost much less than traditional online corporate training.
We have found that the optimal amount of time for an online course is 15 minutes
Our authors are international experts in the field
Our format has been optimized for the corporate training environment

Like the content, but need to add your own company branding?
Customizing lets you: It’s easy – Just purchase a developer license and we will teach you how to customize the content!
Add examples which are directly related to your industry,
Develop more contextual paragraphs,
Create company specific questions to the quizzes
Create new entries to the glossary.

Content Development
If you don’t have the resources or time to customize or build your content, then our services division can assist.
We can interview subject matter experts within your company to build custom content
Or provide us with the changes or new topic in Microsoft Word™ or Microsoft PowerPoint™ document
Content will be developed using the template structure we use for our own library of courses