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The Network Society

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We sense that we are moving into a somehow different society.

In this newfound atmosphere, information and relationships work differently.

The network society theory, as set forth by Manuel Castells, explains those crucial changes that can and will take place in the new era.

This module will teach you about those shifts. It will also offer tips on how to survive in the network society.

Paper Flow Management

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Papers pile up because of delayed decisions and because there is no designated final resting place for the papers to go.

If you are drowning in piles of paper, like it or not, it is time for you to get organized. People spend an average of 22 minutes a day looking for things around or on their desk.

Convert those lost minutes into productive time to get rid of the piles.

In this module we will answer the questions:

Delegating Techniques

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The greatest key to professional success is the ability to effectively delegate. There are three kinds of delegation:

  • up delegation,
  • cross delegation and
  • down delegation.

All three are necessary for true business success, but most people only 'down' delegate, or, in other words, delegate to those whom they supervise. This means that most people are doing far more work than they need to do.

This module will do a short examination of the techniques used by master delegators.

Learning from mistakes

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Touching a hot stove, ignoring a Wet Paint sign, replying to an e-mail offering to share millions of dollars, or believing a slick used car salesman has your best interests at heart - all of these are mistakes; maybe painful or expensive mistakes, but mistakes that one can learn from.

Everyone makes mistakes.

We just have to view them as a learning experience and take away what we can from the occurrence.

This module will cover the types of mistakes people make, some famous examples, how to recover from a mistake, lessons learned, and more.

Working With Difficult People

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Whether you work for a large organization with thousands of people or you are self-employed, you cannot avoid working with difficult people. They are all around you.

You cannot control all the people you need to work with, but you can learn a variety of techniques to make these day-to-day challenges easier.

This Knowledge Pill will explore different business relationships, help you discover some of the varied personality types you will encounter and most of all provide hints you can use immediately.

Doing Business in China

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Chinese civilization has produced some of the great inventions of humanity, such as paper or the compass.

China has been the world's largest economy over 18 of the last 20 centuries.

China is the factory of the world, but it is also a tremendous consumer market that is undergoing changes in traditional consumer habits.

However, doing business with the Chinese sometime requires certain basic rules that you will discover in this Knowledge Pill.