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Alysum is a company dedicated to providing services and products related to project management best practices.

It is a team of project managers and consultants with more than 10 years experience working on the field of Project Management and Information Technology mainly in South America.

AB Group

AB Group is a Consulting firm that is established in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon since 1993. Its consultants and instructors are specialized in implementing sales strategies, in the organization of distribution networks and Marketing and negotiation training. Their customers are major European corporations, in particular from the automobile and pharmaceutical laboratory industry.

Mariana Porta Galvan

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Lic. Mariana Porta holds a degree in Sociology from Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay.

She holds a degree in TEFL from Alianza Cultural Uruguay EEUU, and she has been a teacher of English for twenty years, a teacher trainer and a Franchise Coordinator .

Communication and Organizational Communication have become her main area of interest and subject of lectures and in service staff training programs.

Currently, she is the Director and ELT Manager of Alianza Costa de Oro and Alianza Carrasco.

Hermenegildo Morell

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For over 20 years, Mr. Morell was the Director of the Spanish subsidiaries of major French IT companies. His last position was that of CEO of Sopra Group in Spain.

He has recently created Morell Consultores, a Consulting firm which specializes in helping foreign firms establish themselves in Spain by offering them a wide range of services. (Partner search, Executive search and recruitment, Financial and accounting management.).