Mariana Porta Galvan

Mariana Porta Galvan

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Lic. Mariana Porta holds a degree in Sociology from Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay.

She holds a degree in TEFL from Alianza Cultural Uruguay EEUU, and she has been a teacher of English for twenty years, a teacher trainer and a Franchise Coordinator .

Communication and Organizational Communication have become her main area of interest and subject of lectures and in service staff training programs.

Currently, she is the Director and ELT Manager of Alianza Costa de Oro and Alianza Carrasco.

Developing Effective Interpersonal Communication

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We might be extremely creative, skillful and disciplined in our job; however, a great part of our success as professionals depends on how effectively we communicate with other people.

Our interpersonal communication skills allow us to get the meaning across, and help others create an image of who we are.

Also, effective interpersonal communication sets the ground for the development of healthy, comfortable relationships.

The goal of this Knowledge Pill is to provide a model for developing effective interpersonal communication skills.

Developing effective communication in the organization

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This module will provide you with a model to understand how communication takes place within the organization and how it can be analyzed and structured in a way that it is more effective and even enjoyable.

At the end of each chapter you will find a page called “Tips and Tools” with training tasks or suggestions for implementation.

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