Rune Pettersson

Rune Pettersson

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Rune Pettersson is professor of information design at Mälardalen University in Sweden. Previously he has worked in publishing, in R&D, and in technical training. He has published 212 papers and 75 books. Rune Pettersson has been President of the International Visual Literacy Association, IVLA, and Vice President of the International Institute for Information Design, IIID.

Design for Clarity

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The major facts how to design a text document for good legibility.

Graphic design is the art and craft of bringing a functional, aesthetic, and organized structure to groups of diverse elements.

Deliberate typographic variation is used to present the content in the text in a clear way.

The legibility of a graphical message is determined by the technical design of texts and pictures, that is, their clarity

Helvetice size example

Text Design

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A competent introduction on international standards, how to create a professional business or scientific text document.

"When a document is to be read and understood by several people, there is reason to expend effort on achieving information of good quality.

We should use good structure, correct English, as well as a clear and consistent writing style.

Good text design is simple and direct."

Introduction to Information Design

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Information design for technical and scientific documents comprises identifying of a problem, analysis, planning, presentation and understanding of an effective and efficient message:

its content,
language and

In information design the main objective is to provide information materials needed by the interpreter in order to perform specific tasks.