Larry Kryske

Larry Kryske

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Thought leader, Larry Kryske has over thirty years of worldwide success leading men and women and building unstoppable teams. He has been a career naval officer, private school administrator and teacher, and for the last sixteen years, President of Your Finest Hour Leadership Programs.

Chosen as the first commanding officer of U.S. Naval Station, Pascagoula, MS, he was praised by Senator Trent Lott for creating “the U.S. Navy’s most innovative naval base in the world.” He is the author of three books about leadership.

How To Run A Good Meeting

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Everyone has been abused by unproductive meetings. Key players in a business are tied up for hours in mind-numbing marathons of monotony.

Instead of achieving specific, measurable, time-dependent results, these meetings create disharmony and become monumental time wasters for the unfortunate attendees.

When executives discover the real costs of unproductive meetings, they find that death by meetings equates to business suicide.

This Knowledge Pill is designed to give you practical ways to run effective meetings, a key element of making time work for you.

Erfolgreiche Meetings

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Jeder hat sich schon einmal über eine unproduktive Besprechung geärgert.

Wichtige Mitarbeiter eines Unternehmens werden oft stundenlang in öden, monotonen Sitzungen aufgehalten. Anstatt spezifische, messbare, zeitabhängige Ergebnisse zu erzielen, führen diese Besprechungen häufig nur zu Zeitverschwendung und Missklang unter den unglücklichen Anwesenden.

Wenn die verantwortlichen leitenden Angestellten die wahren Kosten der unproduktiven Besprechungen entdecken, merken sie sofort, dass der Tod durch Besprechungen praktisch einem unternehmerischen Selbstmord gleichkommt.

Savoir motiver

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Une équipe motivée est un élément clé dans l’assurance du succès.

Les dirigeants d'entreprise doivent créer un environnement propice au travail en équipe, aux défis partagés et relevés avec enthousiasme et à l’obtention des résultats professionnels convoités.

La motivation étant avant tout un facteur humain, elle se définit à la fois comme un art et une science.

Il existe des théories et des modèles psychologiques détaillés sur la motivation.

De nombreuses techniques pratiques sont aussi à la portée de tous pour motiver une équipe.

Different Leadership Styles

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Leadership is the art and science of getting things done with other people. The most important words in this definition are “getting things done.” Leadership is not solely about planning, intentions, or dreaming.

Rather it involves achieving specific, measurable, time-dependent outcomes. Visioning and planning are only part of the leadership equation. Translating those visions into reality takes courage and determination.

How To Build An Effective Team

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Building an effective team is as much an art as a science. The principal reason for this dichotomy is the involvement of people.

The management of people represents the science and involves time-tested practices and procedures. The leadership of people represents the art and taps into the nature of humans, their talents, creativity, and energy. The key player in the team-building process is the team leader.