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What is Emotional Intelligence

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An explosion of research supports the assertion that the critical factor in career success is not IQ, butrather EQ, otherwise known as Emotional Intelligence.

While high IQ can be a blessing, it can also be a curse if coupled with an inability to connect with others and turn one's ideas into action.

Unlike IQ (which is a fixed capacity - we either use it, or we don't, but it can't be increased), whatever your current EQ, with intention and guidance, you can improve.

The Network Society

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We sense that we are moving into a somehow different society.

In this newfound atmosphere, information and relationships work differently.

The network society theory, as set forth by Manuel Castells, explains those crucial changes that can and will take place in the new era.

This module will teach you about those shifts. It will also offer tips on how to survive in the network society.

Paper Flow Management

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Papers pile up because of delayed decisions and because there is no designated final resting place for the papers to go.

If you are drowning in piles of paper, like it or not, it is time for you to get organized. People spend an average of 22 minutes a day looking for things around or on their desk.

Convert those lost minutes into productive time to get rid of the piles.

In this module we will answer the questions:

Mastering Your Objectives

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It seems that we all have dreams and desires.

Too many times, however, our dreams and desire do not get fulfilled.

Like me, I'm sure you've known many elderly people who talk about their big dreams when they were young and “full of vim and vinegar.”

But there are a few people who are living their dreams.

While our dreams change over the years to reflect growing wisdom and changing desires, they remain vibrant and alive.

What is the difference between those of us who live our dreams, and those who, sadly, let their dreams die?