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Cultural Inclusion and Diversity

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While most professionals have learned to operate in diverse and competitive settings, many often rely upon outdated or even harmful stereotypes when dealing with others who come from significantly different groups.

Establishing matrices of inclusion and diversity helps create and maintain work relations which recognize the importance of differences within the company and broader society.

Also, matrices of inclusion and diversity help each individual take responsibility for sustaining and fostering diverse and inclusive work environments.

The Power of Cryptography

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Rulers of all civilizations since ancient times have always been faced with the problem of confidentiality when transmitting messages, which led them to encrypt them.

More recently, computer networks have also greatly broadened the field of cryptography. In practice, the algorithms that are used are essentially DES, RSA and SHA.

Other algorithms exist, but we will only deal with these three here.

This Knowledge Pill closes by presenting some of the applications of Cryptography: Gsm, identity cards, certified e-mail...

What is e-Learning

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E-learning was born with the Internet, but it rests on an old didactic tradition.

However, nothing had basically changed in how to "teach class" since Socrates' days.

We will first take a look at the contents, then the technology which lets us access these contents, organize them and follow up on the learner's work, as well as how the training itself is organized.

Lastly, we will review the main obstacles that have to be overcome, such as whenever we are confronted with a major change in practice.

Telling people what to do not how to do it

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A great idea for getting a task completed in the best manner possible is to tell the employee the results that you want and get out of their way.

If you have hired good employees, and empowered them to get the job done, then let them have their head.

Don't squelch them, their ideas, or their initiative.

Many times they will have better ideas about how to accomplish a task than you would have.

Their way might not have been how you would have done it, but so what?

Second Language - Basics for Beginners and Beyond

It has never been more important or easier to learn a second language (L2)—or a third or a fourth. Globalization has linked people and economies together as never before, making the ability to communicate in different languages and settings both a key to success in business and vital to global citizenship. Command of another language is a highly marketable skill that will open the door to a wide range of professional opportunities.

Social Networks

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Social networks have been around since the dawn of mankind, but with the advent of the internet they have taken on a whole new meaning and have become a necessary element of business and society.

This module will enhance your understanding of social networks and provide guidance to developing a social network that will enrich both your personal and professional lives.

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Phone Techniques

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Years ago the phone was just an object sitting on a surface of your choice. It rang occasional y. You picked it up, spoke, hung up, and went about your business. Today, the phone has a huge impact on our lives and our method of communicating.

There are all sizes and shapes and advanced phone technologies. It has become apparent that we must create systems and acknowledge that the phone can either control us or we can control it. In this module we will discuss techniques to alleviate the pain of phone interruptions, phone addictions, and tips for successful phone communication.