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Developing Effective Interpersonal Communication

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We might be extremely creative, skillful and disciplined in our job; however, a great part of our success as professionals depends on how effectively we communicate with other people.

Our interpersonal communication skills allow us to get the meaning across, and help others create an image of who we are.

Also, effective interpersonal communication sets the ground for the development of healthy, comfortable relationships.

The goal of this Knowledge Pill is to provide a model for developing effective interpersonal communication skills.

Implementing the Strategy

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The implementation phase is crucial for the success of a strategy, and the difficulties encountered during this phase are often underestimated.

The goal is to translate the strategy into day to day activity, by showing the interest of top management, by leaning on managers with field experience and by involving line personnel.

In this Knowledge Pill we will also show a few examples of mistakes that should be avoided and some "success stories".

Self Confidence, Self Esteem & Assertiveness

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By the time you have finished reading this module, you will have discovered some extremely powerful methods to developing an unshakeable selfconfidence within you.

This module will focus upon building the foundation of Self Confidence, enabling you to take a conscious control of the way you Think, Feel & Act in different corporate and personal settings such as in and during your jobs, meetings, seminars or any stressful situations, and as a positive side effect of above all

- your own personal life.

Reinventing The Wheel?

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In project management, we hear that phrase in some form all of the time.

“Don't reinvent the wheel.”
“Let's not reinvent the wheel.”
“We're not reinventing the wheel here, are we?”

Those are just a few examples of things said.

It is usually spoken with a cynical, derisive, exasperated or condescending tone.

It is commonly accepted that reinventing the wheel is a bad idea, but is it?

Or maybe we should ask is it always a bad idea?

Maybe you need to do some reinvention sometimes if the wheel isn't perfect.

Evaluating your staff

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Staff evaluations are an essential part of any manager's or supervisor's job.

Unfortunately, many managers procrastinate on this vital duty because, while essential, it can tend to be one of the more unpleasant tasks that managers face.

Usually this is because managers do not have a good understanding of the real purpose of evaluations, nor of positive and motivating ways to use staff evaluations.

This module will explore issues in the evaluation process.

They are:

Different Leadership Styles

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Leadership is the art and science of getting things done with other people. The most important words in this definition are “getting things done.” Leadership is not solely about planning, intentions, or dreaming.

Rather it involves achieving specific, measurable, time-dependent outcomes. Visioning and planning are only part of the leadership equation. Translating those visions into reality takes courage and determination.

The effective leader: a primer

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This Knowledge Pill on effective leadership answers these core questions:

  • What is leadership?
  • Is leadership the same as management?
  • What makes for an effective leader?
  • What skills does a good leader have?
  • How are people motivated to work?
  • What About 'Style?'

Along the way, we will learn what some experts can teach us about this topic, the differences between managing and leading, and how you can strengthen your skills as a leader.