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Advanced Networking Techniques

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We've all heard that networking is the most effective way to generate new business, stay in touch with colleagues and new developments, polish your company's image and even find a new job.

But networking can seem as mysterious as the other side of the moon for many people. Most networking classes don't help much, as they go over the same old techniques that we've all heard a million times.

How do the expert networkers really do it? How do some people seem to know (and be known by) everyone, while most folks only know their office mates and neighbours?

Public speaking

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Welcome to the world of high-end communication.

You are about to learn the challenging yet exceptionally rewarding, fearsome yet highly exciting and complex yet extremely delicate - the art of Public Speaking.

Labelled as the number 1 fear on the planet earth, public speaking is the greatestnightmare for the majority of population.

In this module, you'll learn to master your fears and turn yourself into a electrifying public speaking.

Yes, you can be a master public speaker and communicator and I'll show you how.

Public Speaker

Managing your time better

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It's TIME to master the intricacies of timemanagement - a skill that will propel you to the pinnacle of success faster than you can ever imagine.

Nothing is more powerful than being incredibly organized and super focused like a laser beam.

Once you know what it takes to manipulate, manage andmaster your time, you'll be hitting your targets that take you towards success in your personal and business life at incredible speeds.

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Developing effective communication in the organization

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This module will provide you with a model to understand how communication takes place within the organization and how it can be analyzed and structured in a way that it is more effective and even enjoyable.

At the end of each chapter you will find a page called “Tips and Tools” with training tasks or suggestions for implementation.

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Transversal Management

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Transversal management (cross-functional management) exceeds and completes traditional hierarchical management. In a traditional organization, hierarchical pyramid is often associated with the notion of territory and power over the people attached to them. This concept has proven efficacy but creates divisions and contradictions.

Every one's goal can be counterproductive to the overall performance.

Writing Project Requirements

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This module is will provide some characteristics and simple guidelines for how to write good project requirements.

While it cannot be comprehensive, it should give you a working knowledge of what constitutes good requirements and how to develop and read them, whether you are the one who has to write them or the one who must build to them.

It will present some specific rules for writing good requirements. It will also include some common errors and traps that people run into with bad requirements and how to escape those traps..

Developing Intercultural Communication Competence

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In today's global world and multicultural workplaces, many of us communicate regularly with people who are culturally different from us.

Making ourselves understood and understanding people whose culture is not familiar to us often requires extra effort.

Communicating across cultural differences can be an exciting challenge that promotes learning about ourselves as much or more than about the culturally different other person or group.