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Supplier Relationship Management

In a globalization environment most of the leading companies have increasing needs to improve the value of procurement beyond cost savings.

In order to ensure that they are able to leverage their initiatives, procurement executives redefine the procurement role and seek to implement the supplier Relationship Management concept (SRM).

SRM initiatives become vital to the continued strategic improvement of the procurement function.

Habits to Support Healthy Sleep

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Many people have difficulty obtaining adequate sleep and report difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking early.

Changing your sleep environment, habits, and beliefs, is an effective way to increase quality of sleep, feel better rested, and function better throughout the day.

This module will provide tips to change your sleep habits, thoughts, attitudes, and environment to get a better night's sleep..

Introduction to Corporate Social Responsability

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Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) is also known as "Corporate Citizenship," "Corporate Opportunity," "Socially Responsible Business," "Responsible
Business," and "Corporate Social Accountability."

All of these terms, while having minor differences in definition, refer to the same concept that corporations and businesses have a responsibility beyond that to their investors, owners, stockholders and customers to the wider community.

Creating Wealth

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In the next 15 minutes you are going to learn some incredible methods to create wealth in your life.

The information in this module has been extracted from hundreds of years of research in the field of human psychology, human potential and practical wealth creation methods.

It is bound to give you the right results, when followed to the letter. Picture yourself five years from now living the life of your dreams.

By learning and applying these methods consistently and correctly, you can fulfil all your dreams and literally turn yourself into a "money magician".

Digital Marketing

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This module will focus on simplifying the historic timeline of digital marketing's emergence - identifying key players and points of reference, providing current context, and delivering you practical, quick lessons on method and terminology to assist you in your daily pursuits.

We will ground this presentation in the progression of the medium and arm you with a usable frame of reference and methodology as you adopt today's principles and platforms into your evolving marketing practice.


Design for Clarity

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The major facts how to design a text document for good legibility.

Graphic design is the art and craft of bringing a functional, aesthetic, and organized structure to groups of diverse elements.

Deliberate typographic variation is used to present the content in the text in a clear way.

The legibility of a graphical message is determined by the technical design of texts and pictures, that is, their clarity

Helvetice size example

Text Design

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A competent introduction on international standards, how to create a professional business or scientific text document.

"When a document is to be read and understood by several people, there is reason to expend effort on achieving information of good quality.

We should use good structure, correct English, as well as a clear and consistent writing style.

Good text design is simple and direct."