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Introduction to Information Design

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Information design for technical and scientific documents comprises identifying of a problem, analysis, planning, presentation and understanding of an effective and efficient message:

its content,
language and

In information design the main objective is to provide information materials needed by the interpreter in order to perform specific tasks.

How To Build An Effective Team

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Building an effective team is as much an art as a science. The principal reason for this dichotomy is the involvement of people.

The management of people represents the science and involves time-tested practices and procedures. The leadership of people represents the art and taps into the nature of humans, their talents, creativity, and energy. The key player in the team-building process is the team leader.

Motivating your staff

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The key to business success is having a motivated staff. The leaders in the organization must create an environment in which people work cooperatively with each other, tackle business challenges energetically, and achieve desired business outcomes.

Because of the human factor, motivation is both an art and a science.
There are detailed psychological theories and models about motivation.
There are also practical techniques that ordinary people can use to motivate others.

Focus Is On The Customer

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In a highly competitive Economy, the quality of customer service will often make the difference.

The companies which succeed know exactly who their ideal customers are and focus their energies on creating products and services which suit them.

What are the mechanisms of customer loyalty?

How can loyalty be implemented?

This is what we will see in this Knowledge Pill.

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How to best highlight the products at the point of sale and get the most out of the available space so as to ensure the highest global profitability.

We will also see how promotions are organized, the main profitability ratios which should be respected, and we will finish up with the e-merchandising concepts which apply in the context of Internet sales.

In 15 minutes, this Knowledge Pill will help you understand what merchandising is about.

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Company Taking Part in Soustainable Development

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The objective is to have an initial approach on how ethical and environmental values integrate into a company's Strategy.

Sustainable development, initially perceived as an environmental, economic, political and social constraint, can also create value for the stockholders if the Company succeeds in redefining its mission and its vision by associating a societal project with its purely economic project.

The four examples of applications shown here prove it. The quiz will allow you to check that you have understood the concepts which this Knowledge Pill develops.

Managing Competencies

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The implementation of competencies based management in an organisation offers numerous advantages to improve the coherence of the human resource management system, however, this implementation must be done with care.

Economic, social and organisational factors all contribute to the interest organisations have for this approach for which we will see some practical examples of implementation.

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Intercultural Management

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Intercultural Management is the art of using cultural differences as leverage to improve company efficiency.

Disregarding cultural differences can lead to failure. Specifically, culture strongly influences the strategy and the management of the organization's human resources.

We will use negotiation, which should clearly take into consideration cultural differences, as an example to illustrate the principles that are described in the first chapters.

Doing Business in China

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Chinese civilization has produced some of the great inventions of humanity, such as paper or the compass.

China has been the world's largest economy over 18 of the last 20 centuries.

China is the factory of the world, but it is also a tremendous consumer market that is undergoing changes in traditional consumer habits.

However, doing business with the Chinese sometime requires certain basic rules that you will discover in this Knowledge Pill.