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K.J. McCorry is a national recognized expert in the field of organization and efficiency.She is the owner of Officiency, Inc. a efficiency and productivity consulting company based in Boulder, Colorado.

She is the author of Organize Your Work Day In No Time, by Que Publishing. K.J.''s work in office efficiency has been recognized in the U.S. in the New York Times , International Herald Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens with TV and radio appearances on the Do It Yourself Network, The Peter Boyles Show, and World Talk Radio.Ms.

Being Organized on the Road

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Traveling for business can take its toll, especially if you are unorganized. It's hard enough keeping up with typical workdays, much less trying to travel on top of your other responsibilities.

Whether you take one trip a year or several, it is important to stay organized before, during, and after your travel assignments.

In this Knowledge Pill, we will discuss ways that will help you efficiently travel and manage your workload during travel. The more you plan and organize while you are on the road, the easier it will be to return to the office.

Gérer plus efficacement les e-mails

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Le courrier électronique est devenu la première source de communication et de partage d’information sur le lieu de travail; il est indispensable de savoir gérer la correspondance e-mail de façon efficace et organisée.

Si vous vous laissez faire, les e-mails absorberont tout votre temps au travail.

Le besoin que vous sentez de tout lâcher pour lire les nouveaux e-mails dès qu’ils arrivent peut se transformer en une énorme perte de temps.

Managing your e-mails efficiently

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Email is now the primary source of communications and information sharing in the workplace; it is vital to be efficient and organized with all email correspondence.

Email will consume your workday if you let it. The compelling feeling that you have to stop your current action and read the incoming email at the very moment it is received can translate into a huge time-waster.

Email needs to be one of your priorities, with its management scheduled along with other tasks you need to complete each day.