Hermenegildo Morell

Hermenegildo Morell

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For over 20 years, Mr. Morell was the Director of the Spanish subsidiaries of major French IT companies. His last position was that of CEO of Sopra Group in Spain.

He has recently created Morell Consultores, a Consulting firm which specializes in helping foreign firms establish themselves in Spain by offering them a wide range of services. (Partner search, Executive search and recruitment, Financial and accounting management.).

Doing Business in Spain

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A few symbolic sites, a number of historic figures, and major artists do not alone explain the Spanish soul.

But they do provide some clues to understanding how the country has changed over the past 30 years, from dictatorship to democracy, and later under the impulse of its integration in Europe.

The energy of Spain and the Spaniards, which we illustrate with a number of examples, and the description of certain attitudes and behaviors at the workplace, will round up this Knowledge Pill:

These are the basics you must understand to do business in Spain.

Introduction aux affaires en Espagne

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Quelques lieux symboliques, personnages historiques et grands artistes ne suffisent pas à expliquer l'âme espagnole.

Mais ils donnent des pistes pour comprendre les transformations du pays depuis 30 ans, de la dictature à la démocratie, puis sous l'impulsion européenne.

Le dynamisme espagnol, attesté par des exemples et la description de quelques attitudes et comportements au travail, complètent cette Knowledge Pill :

le minimum qu'il faut savoir sur l'Espagne pour prétendre y faire des affaires.