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Sarah Reiff-Hecking

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Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking is a Personal and Professional Coach and Clinical Psychologist with more than a decade of experience helping people create and achieve their goals.

She is an experienced coach, psychologist, teacher, researcher, and mentor. She founded True Focus Coaching in 2005 to bring her passion for helping people achieve their goals and live happy healthy lives to a wide audience.

She enjoys coaching groups and individuals on a variety of topics including increasing productivity, goal setting and achievement, life balance, and healthy lifestyles.

Managing Depression

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Depression is a “long-lasting melancholia” according to Freud, it's a “loss of the capacity to love, a lowering of the self-regarding feelings”; it does not go away after a few days, and it is not caused by lack of will or by weakness.

The disorders it causes can be treated successfully; it is then up to us to maintain a balance in our private lives and at work.

The ideas expressed in this Knowledge Pill are partly based on experiences, and on relocation or coaching interviews.